We have waited for this special moment. This exciting hour is being recorded in history because you have chosen to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and have “come home”. Welcome home partner.

You have become connected to a ministry that values your relationship with God. Therefore we are committed as your  partner to walk with you as God embraces you with a transformational process of growth by His truth.

Now that you have taken that very first step towards becoming a covenant partner at TTWC, you may ask yourself, “What’s next”? You are now required to complete a series of 6 partnership classes entitled, “The Truth Guide” to be conducted in 3 sessions. These sessions are scheduled to be held bi-weekly on Sundays at TTWC in the church sanctuary. You will receive a time schedule of the classes. In these selected teachings you will become knowledgeable of the beliefs, history and vision of your new church home.

Meanwhile, should there be a ministry that sparks your interest, prayerfully consider making a decision to join with that ministry after you have completed all or half of the required sessions. You have been sent by God to “Build Hope in the Lives of People”. Your presence, time, energy, gifts and support is what is needed in the church body.

Again, welcome home new partner. We look forward to serving with you. 



Session # I

Guide 1: “A Covenant Relationship”
Guide 2: “The Simple Plan of Salvation”

Session # 2

Guide 3: “Understanding Stewardship”
Guide 4: “The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit”

Session # 3

Guide 5: “Church Etiquette & Ministry Opportunity”
Guide 6: “TTWC Church History”