Purpose Statement

These are exciting and challenging times for Christian Men. God has endowed each of us with a unique perspective, a unique set of gifts, and calling. The important question for men to answer for themselves is: What has my Heavenly Father brought us here to do? Men of War is a community of men dedicated to strengthening and building a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the Word of God, prayer and fellowship.


Ministry Goals

Our goal is to build relationships with men in order that men can have a sense of community with one another. If we only call men together to “do” there will be no glue to hold them together when the planned event is over. Events attract men, relationships make them stick.

  • To empower men to become biblical purposeful leaders within our families, our community, and our world.
  • To foster heart transformation into the image, likeness and the nature of Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Our aim is to equip men to grow spiritually, walk in personal victory, and to disciple other men who are lost. 
  • Allow men to come onboard at their own level of involvement and pace.

Encourage men to be responsible and accountable in the following areas:

  • 1. His walk with God
  • 2. His relationship with his wife or significant other
  • 3. His relationship with his children 
  • 4. His personal finances 
  • 5. His health 

Ministry Opportunity

Men of War Ministry is a volunteer ministry for men of all walks in life. A man who realizes and embraces his call to service is aware that he is essential to the strength of the church. We are looking for men who would be interested in uniting with our Men of War Ministry. Will you pray about becoming involved? Every man is welcome, vital and needed in the Kingdom of our God.

Get Connected

Please click TTWC Volunteer-Application for the volunteer application. Complete the application and return it to the church office.

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Discipleship Class
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