Purpose Statement

With long life will I satisfy him, and show him my salvation.” Psalm 91:16

The Best Life Senior Ministry is a coed ministry for partners and guests ages 60 and better.  Our senior partners are an essential part of many ministries within our church and an important part of our church body. Our purpose is to promote spiritual, physical, intellectual, and emotional growth through a variety of wholesome activities that will stimulate seasoned adults and ensure that they feel esteemed and included.

As TTWC ministers to and with senior adults, we do so with the express purpose of sharing the love of Jesus Christ with them. We display love, respect, and honor to them for their years of service and ministry. We recognize that they still have power and ability. They are capable of serving others and sharing the Gospel. We purposely empower them in their own contexts to continue to serve God.


Ministry Goals

  • To promote an overall well-being to participants with the opportunity to enjoy field trips, luncheon socials, movie matinees, game days, crafts, education workshops relating to topics from A-Z, community outreach projects, and spiritual fellowships. Both partners and guests are welcome to participate in the gatherings.
  • To encourage spiritual growth and development.
  • To aid other ministries in accomplishing church functions by sharing their time, experience, knowledge, and abilities.
  • To work as a team player and strive to increase his/her individual level of commitment and dedication to the ministry.
  • To empower, provide support and guidance to other believers through shared experience and wisdom.
  • To strive to serve in a way that is pleasing to God and helpful to the Kingdom.


Ministry Opportunity

This ministry will be shaped by the needs, desires, and attitudes of its participants. Because in general people are living longer and are in better health today than ever before there is more opportunity for organized social, ministry and study activities.

Participants and guests of the Best Life Senior Ministry will be afforded spiritual, educational and ministry opportunities that focus on enriching their lives to its full potential. They will be part of a ministry that lifts them up, accents the positive purpose of later life, and connects them with God’s abundant love and grace. 

Getting Connected

We are looking for TTWC church partners who would be interested in serving in our Best Life Senior Ministry. Please click TTWC Volunteer-Application for the volunteer application. Complete the application and return it to the church office.

If you have any further questions regarding Best Life Senior Ministry, please feel free to email the ministry leader.

For more information please email